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AHAD PACE - Visual Artist 

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"There is an Art to everything, and to everything there is Art...and as for Artist, I feel either you are becoming an Artist, or you are an Artist becoming another."

Ahad Pace is a professionally trained, multifaceted artist who creates fantastic images through stylized free-hand illustrations, paintings, or digital imagery through multiple softwares. Ahad has also enjoyed over 20 years of success in the ever-changing field of graphic art and design, working with major companies as
well as independently free-lancing. Being involved in graphic arts has given Ahad a chance to work in a host of other art related fields such as the apparel industry, music industry, print works, advertisement and pre-production work for animation, not to mention illustrating children’s story books as well as other early childhood educational material. Ahad's art is inspired by curvilinear movement as well as exaggerated forms, animated shapes. Out of the many different artist that influence Ahad as an artist, Charles White and Ernest Barnes top the list.

Ahad was formally educated in the Comprehensive Fine Arts Department at Hampton University in
Hampton Virginia, becoming versed in the Fine Arts of Freehand Illustration, Sculpture, Print-making, Painting, and Ceramics. This came after attending The Atlanta College of Art in his hometown of Atlanta Georgia. 


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